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12 Trout Tips for Fly Fishing Streams

#1. The top of your head is what trout see best. Don’t wear brightly colored hats.

#2. Never spit on your fishing flies. Trout smell in the millions and will pick up the amino acids in your spit.

#3. Try a two handed retrieve. Tuck your rod up under your armpit and retrieve the line with both hands. This will present steady fishing flies.

#4. Sound travels 5X faster in water than air. If YOU hear yourself walking you can bet the trout hear you as well. Slow down – you’re wading too fast!

#5. Yellow or amber colored polarized glasses are the most versatile. Light colored lenses work better in low light and dark colored glasses are better for bright light conditions.

#6. Fishing at high noon on a bright sunny day allows you to see into the stream easier.

#7. Work the foam. Foam lines usually follow current lanes. Fish will wait just outside of these lanes allowing the current to bring the food to them. Take advantage if their laziness!

#8. Scout the fish. Walk the banks and look for the fish instead of casting blindly. You won’t cast as much but you’ll be more successful.

#9. Play the fish from the reel. Take up your slack.

#10. Take a break. If you have a fish on but he’s buried himself in the weeds, give him a few moments to calm down and chances are he’ll swim out on his own.

#11. Get downstream. If possible (even if it means getting out of the water and walking the bank to position yourself) get downstream of the fish, it’ll work against the current and your hook will be pulled right into its mouth. It’s better if you’re not battling both the fish and the current as the force may also cause your fishing flies to rip right out of its mouth.

#12. Keep your hands to yourself! Keep contact to a minimum and always try to keep the trout in the water while releasing it. If you absolutely have to pick it up, make sure your hands are wet and turn it upside down to cradle it in your hand. This will disorient the fish long enough for you to remove the hook.

Date : 12-03-2012