Hartley Fly Fishing News

» Fulling Mill : 2014 Range of Fly Fishing Flies

For the past 80 years, Fulling Mill fly fishing flies have proven to be world-class fly fishing flies.

Posted - 17-04-2014

» Fly Fishing Flies from around the World : South Africa

Why Fly Fishing Flies Haven't Improved Dramatically: Small Changes in Big Ways In the past two decades, specifically the past 10 years, fly fishing has become more than just a hobby for some to casually pass the time with.

Posted - 16-04-2014

» April River Dry Fly Fishing Flies by Jim McKinlay - Hartley Fly Consultant

April can offer some great Dry Fly Fishing sport for the river angler especially after a mild winter such as this.

Posted - 16-04-2014

» Perfect Fly Fishing Flies for Buzzer Fishing this Weekend

This weekend we have the perfect set up for Buzzer fishing at this time of year, using 3 Fly Fishing Flies from Fulling Mill's New 2014 Range.

Posted - 11-04-2014

» Competition Fly Fishing Flies by Jim McKinlay - Hartley Fly Consultant

The competition season is starting to gather pace with heats for multiple competitions now underway.

Posted - 11-04-2014

» Buzzer Fly Fishing Flies by Jim McKinlay - Hartley Fly Consultant

Buzzer hatches start in abundance from early April especially in mild weather and trout are quick to switch on to this abundant food source.

Posted - 04-04-2014

» A Day at Middleton Fishery by Jim McKinlay - Hartley Fly Consultant

Hartley Fly contributor Jim Mckinlay recently visited Middleton Fishery in Largs and reports back on the best fly fishing flies.

Posted - 04-04-2014

» The Olive by Jim McKinlay - Hartley Fly Consultant

The Large Dark Olive or LDO's as they are commonly known are the first important hatch of the season for the river angler.

Posted - 28-03-2014

» Effective Tips and Products for Modern Day Fly Fishing

While fly fishing is not a new hobby, it has become more and more popular within the past two decades.

Posted - 25-03-2014

» Carron Valley Opening Day

On Saturday 15th March Hartley Fly Contributor Jim Mckinlay had a day afloat on Carron Valley Reservoir for the opening day of the season.

Posted - 21-03-2014