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Fly Fishing Flies    Regional Seasonal Collections   May   Welsh Waters   May Welsh Rivers Wet Flies Collection

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HFCL0067 Hartley Fly May Welsh Rivers Wet Flies Collection

Olives are now abundant on a daily basis with buzzers of various colours and sizes. The needle flies will also hatch daily. From the nymph to the pupae, to the hatching insects, olives will be of most importance to the River Fisherman.

Mid: Soft Hackle Pheasants Tail Depth Charge - 1 x Size 12 and 1 x Size 14

Mid: March Brown - 1 x Size 10, 1 x Size 12 and 1 x Size 14

Mid: Olive Dun - 1 x Size 12

Mid: March Brown Silver - 1 x Size 14

Point: Spectral Spider Red - 1 x Size 12

Point: Spectral Spider Black - 1 x Size 14

Point: Spider Snipe Purple (Tungsten Bead) - 1 x Size 14

Point: Spider Waterhen Bloa (Tungsten Bead) - 1 x Size 14

Tip: Down and across at a 45 degree angle. Watch and feel for the take as the flies swing and lift.  Line: Sinking. Line to be selected with height and speed of the flow.

Condition: Best conditions warm and sunny, with rise and fall of the river after rainfall.

Fishing Style: Across and down.

Fly fishing flies may be substituted for a suitable alternative when stock is unavailable.

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At Hartley Fly we seek the best products for your fly fishing success. We work hard with Fulling Mill who source materials and use processes that are the absolute best in the business, never compromising quality. Because to us, quality is not only how well your fishing flies perform and hold up, but also exactly how they're tied.