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Fulling Mill - Total Flyfisher Awards Winner

218 Fulling Mill Tups Indispensable

This is the hackled wet version of the Tups which is an imitation of hatching Light Olives, it can be used on both stillwaters or rivers although the dry fly version is more popular on the rivers.

Another premium product, designed to enhance your fly fishing experience.

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Fly Details For Success
  • When: All Season
  • Where: Stillwaters Rivers
  • What: Trout Grayling
  • How: Floating Line

At Hartley Fly we seek the best products for your fly fishing success. We work hard with Fulling Mill who source materials and use processes that are the absolute best in the business, never compromising quality. Because to us, quality is not only how well your fishing flies perform and hold up, but also exactly how they're tied.