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Hartley Fly Fishing

Carp Fishing Fly Fishing Flies, Trout Fishing Flies & Salmon Fishing Flies online,a growing line of personalised goods and skilfully selected Hartley Fly Collections. We also supply fly fishing accessories - fly boxes, leader & tippet materials, Airflo lines,quality hooks, rods & eyewear.

Quality Fly Fishing Flies

Our full range of Fulling Mill's top-quality flies offers you the best chance of success - Trout Fly Fishing Flies, Salmon Fly Fishing Flies, Saltwater Fly Fishing Flies as well as Specialist Fly Fishing flies - wet flies, dry flies, nymph fishing flies, attractor fishing flies, doubles, trebles and tube flies. Made by flyfishers for flyfishers all our Trout & Salmon Fly Fishing Flies are made with only the best materials.

Latest Fly Fishing News

25-09-2014 - Buzzer Fly Fishing by Jim McKinlay
Buzzer imitations can provide some great sport late season and the bigger grown on fish regularly fall to this method Buzzers will work right through the day late season however between 12 o’clock an...
19-09-2014 - River Nymph Fishing by Jim McKinlay
Spring Nymph Fishing During mid-late September a lot of the sport on the UK rivers takes place below the water’s surface.
12-09-2014 - Hartley Fly Fishing Fly of the Day - Cormorant Quill Flashback
Cormorant Quill Flashback Fly Fishing Fly 1053 This variation of the original Cormorant which was a fairly sombre affair is a very useful mini lure/ wet fly fishing fly early season or when the water...

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